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Marvel Zombies: X-Men Resistance  Core Box
Marvel Zombies: X-Men Resistance  Core Box

Marvel Zombies: X-Men Resistance Core Box

Please allow 2-3 days for dispatch;

1-6 players, ages 14+, 60+ minutes


When the zombie plague strikes, not even Earth’s mightiest heroes are safe. Marvel Zombies is a cooperative board game for 1 to 6 players, based on the core mechanics of the smash hit Zombicide series, bringing non-stop zombie action to the Marvel universe. The original art by comics legend Marco Checchetto is brought to life in amazing game pieces depicting the iconic Marvel characters in glorious (and often gory) detail.

In Marvel Zombies: X-Men Resistance, players control the last surviving Super Heroes (Hero Mode). The X-Men and their mutant nemeses unite against the zombie threat.

Each Super Hero has unique skills that get unlocked the more zombies you eliminate.

Players can use actions to acquired various Traits. These single-use cards boost their skills in various ways.

Hiding in buildings or being hunted by zombies, Bystanders are often your primary objectives. Rescuing them gives you a permanent ability unique to each one.

Your actions can increase your heroic Power, which in turn can be spent for bonus dice or to trigger special Skill and Trait effects.

The more experiences and powerful you get, the larger the hordes of infected that will spawn to hunt you down every round. They could be lurking inside any room.

The apocalypse gets in full swing when a Zombie Hero rises to hunt you, Death has not weakened their unique powers.

Modular tiles faithfully recreate the X-Mansion in amazing detail. Over the course of 10 Missions you'll make your stand on the ground floor, the upstairs student dorms, and the underground X-Men facilities.

The box also contains the cards needed to use its Heroes and Bystanders in Zombie Mode, as well as unique Zombie Mode missions. The Marvel Zombies core box is needed to play in Zombie Mode.

RRP: £129.99

We will next be posting orders out Monday 29th December

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