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Moomin Dice Set
Moomin Dice Set

Moomin Dice Set

Dice Set by Q-Workshop


Tove Jansson created Moomins for all children and grownups who understand that childhood is quite weird and very adventurous. We in Q WORKSHOP made a very special dice set for them because we believe that many from Moomin’s fans are avid roleplayers and collectors. For us, these dice are the real sign of our love for Moomins, our dear, well-loved friends from Moominvalley. This set is our tribute to their magical world, the limitless imagination of Tove Jansson, friendship, family bonds, and all that is important in real life. We can learn all this from Moomintrolls.

The dice are made from the best material, full of complex engravings that look like embossed illustrations from the books. The digits and characters symbols are made with a style that resembles master crafted drawings of Tove Jansson. Nearly every die is in a unique color scheme. These dice are full of Moomin's family members and other characters from books. You will find: Little My on red and black d4, Moomintroll on white and black d6, SnorkMaiden on white and gold d6, Snufkin on green and beige d6, Sniff on brown and black d8, Moominmamma on white and red d10, Moominpappa on white and black d100 and Hemulen on purple and white d12. There is even the Groke on dark blue and white d20. If you like them, this will be a great opportunity to show your love for the small Finnish trolls.


These dice can be used in all roleplaying and tabletop games. It is not just a trinket or gadget. We all know the Moomins are kind, good-hearted, brave, and united as a team of family members and friends. These are all characteristics of a good gang of heroes that can win in all situations. The Moomins might not be the most dauntless of all creatures, but they are a symbol of a perfect party that can defeat all obstacles and doesn’t hesitate to help each other. The hobgoblins, evil wizards and even a comet is not scary when you’re like Moomins and their friends.

These dice can help. When you’re playing an RPGs, consider this: on this biggest piece of the set, the crits are made under the banner of Groke. She is depicted on the highest face of this die. You can make your character traits roll with Moomintrol, Snorkmaiden, and Snufkin. With d4 on the floor, you can hurt the feet of your “enemies” with the sneaky Little My. All one-handed weapons will be more successful with Sniff “d8”, and all d100 rolls will be friendlier to the user with Mumminmamma (d10) and Mumminpapa (d00). The purple Hemmulan d12 will be the patron of all two-handed weapons and effects of the greatest spells. Let's roll, dream, and don’t fear the Groke! All the worlds are open for the users of these dice!

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