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  Napoleonic 20 Series : Espana 20

Napoleonic 20 Series : Espana 20

The Napoleonic 20 Series features games of only modest complexity, each with a focused scope and low unit density (typically fewer than twenty pieces per side). The dramatic, fast-playing turns feature compelling historical narrative told through random event cards and the exciting ebb and flow of military units maneuvering and engaging in battle on the map. Replete with the surges, lulls, and "friction of war" that gives a great feel for the parry-and-thrust of a Napoleonic grade battle as armies close to bayonet-point to see which will break first!

Considered one of Wellington’s finest battles, Arapiles 20 (July, 1812) from Lance McMillanfocuses on the hard-fought meeting engagement between his veteran British forces and Mareschal Marmont’s French army in the hills south of Salamanca. With two armies of equal strength, victory requires careful planning, precise maneuvers, and exact timing to take advantage of the opportunities offered by unexpected events. Will the British player be able to pounce on a fleeting French blunder to win the day (as happened historically), or will the French be able to simply bludgeon his opponent into submission? In Arapiles 20, the outcome of this famous battle is in your hands.

Hans von Stockhausen's Bailén 20 (July, 1808) showcases the stunning triumph of General Francisco Castaños’ Spanish army over French General Pierre Dupont’s Corps d’Observationoperating in the mountains of Andalusia. This game challenges both players: The Spanish must struggle to coordinate the actions of their large and enthusiastic but mostly untrained army, while the French must decide whether to try and hold against superior numbers or conduct a fighting withdrawal back to Madrid. With Spanish guerrillas, a baggage train full of looted treasure, and treacherous Swiss mercenaries who might change sides in the middle of the battle, Bailén 20 offers players plenty of military adventure.

What's In The Box?:

•   One 28-page full-color Universal Rulebook
•   One 20-page full-color Exclusive Rulebook
•   Two 22" x 17" cardstock game maps
•   Two sheets of double-sided, laser-cut game pieces
•   25 cards
•   One player aid
•   One six-sided die
•   One bright red, 9" x 11 7/8" Deluxe cardboard VPG game box
•   One beautiful box cover sleeve
•   One "Wipes-A-Lot" napkin
•   One charcoal desiccant packet

Players: 2
Playtime: 60 Minutes
Ages: 13 +
Published by: Victory Point Games

Our Price: £24.99
We will next be posting orders out Monday 29th December

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