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New Releases - 10th June 2024

A Message From the Stars A Message From the Stars
Work together (or in teams) to decode messages from an alien race. 
Cascadero Cascadero
Trigger cascading combos and compete to reunite the land under El Cascadero’s rule. 
Cascadito Cascadito
Confront bandits, sail rivers, trade goods and more in this spinoff to Cascadero.
Catan : New Energies Catan : New Energies
New Release; Stock due @ 13th June; Build power plants on Catan, weighing the merits of fossil fuels vs. clean energy.
EXIT: The Game – The Magical Academy EXIT: The Game – The Magical Academy
Can you solve the riddles to remove poltergeists from the Academy of Magic? 
Explora Explora
New Release; Stock due @ 13th June; Get your hands on documents that will let you explore mythic places.
Forest Shuffle : Alpine Expansion Forest Shuffle : Alpine Expansion
New Release; Stock due @ 13th June; Explore the Alps by adding more species to the game.
Frosthaven Play Surface Books Frosthaven Play Surface Books
New Release; Stock due @ 13th June; This set of 4 Scenario Play Surface Books eliminates the need for your Frosthaven map tiles & the majority of overlay tokens in favor of quicker and easier setup times.
Gloomhaven : Buttons and Bugs Gloomhaven : Buttons and Bugs
New Release; Stock due @ 13th June; Gloomhaven: Buttons & Bugs is a solo play game, with an original campaign story written by Isaac Childres, that features a playstyle similar to Gloomhaven in a fraction of the size.
Maple Valley : Wooden Bits Upgrade Pack Maple Valley : Wooden Bits Upgrade Pack
Wooden components for the game "Maple Valley".
Oh My Goods! Big Box Oh My Goods! Big Box
New Release; Stock due @ 13th June; All the good-ness of Oh My Goods! series wrapped in one box
Pack O Games #17: Win Pack O Games #17: Win
New Release; Stock due @ 13th June; Each round, the Run cards advance 3 horses and players take turns performing an Action. After 3 horses finish the race, players add up their winnings to see who won the most cash.
Pack O Games #18: Mad Pack O Games #18: Mad
New Release; Stock due @ 13th June; In this trick-taking game, winning a Trick isn't always desired
Pack O Games #19: Far Pack O Games #19: Far
New Release; Stock due @ 13th June; Each player uses their royalty to rule land in an ever-growing kingdom.
Pack O Games #20: Sly Pack O Games #20: Sly
New Release; Stock due @ 13th June; Players try to protect their Hens at the Hen House while also playing their Foxes to gobble up opponents' Hens.
Sand Sand
New Release; Stock due @ 13th June; Earn as much gold as you can by transporting goods across the desert.
Spectral : A Deduction Game Spectral : A Deduction Game
Find the treasures and beware the specters in this haunted manor treasure hunt
Switchbacks Switchbacks
Lace up those hiking boots, grab your trusty trekking poles, and fight over these tiles!
Through the Desert Through the Desert
Restock due @ 18th July; A game of strategy, patience and cool plastic camels. One of Knizia's greatest tile laying games.
Trailblazers Travel Edition Trailblazers Travel Edition
Draft trail cards and blaze winding loops of hiking, biking, and kayaking trails.
Zoo Vadis Zoo Vadis
Merit your way into the zoo’s star exhibit through crafty politicking.