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New Releases - 30th October 2023

Allegra Allegra
Stock due @ 6th December; Swap your cards—and your neighbor's—to get the lowest score.
Ancient Knowledge Ancient Knowledge
Stock due @ 6th December; Create unique card combinations to keep your civilization alive.
Animals of Baker Street Animals of Baker Street
Stock due @ 6th December; Lead the investigation of Baker Street with Toby's animal crew! 
Archeologic Archeologic
Stock due @ 6th December; Be the first to find the right location of the buildings in the city!
Break the Code Break the Code
Stock due @ 6th December; Logic, math, and clever questioning will help you deduce your opponents' tiles.
Break the Cube Break the Cube
Stock due @ 6th December; Be the first player to break your opponent's cube!
Bunny Kingdom: Bunny Express Bunny Kingdom: Bunny Express
Stock due @ 6th December; Build railroads in Bunny Kingdom.
Doctor Rat Doctor Rat
Stock due @ 6th December; Doctor Rat operates from the most beautiful medicine cabinet in the landfill. Over the course of one week, he wants to make sure his fellow rats start eating more healthy.
Forbidden Jungle Forbidden Jungle
Stock due @ 6th December; Move through a shifting jungle in search of a portal toward home.
Get On Board : New York & London Get On Board : New York & London
Stock due @ 6th December; Try to create the best bus line in this flip-and-write game.
Get On Board : Paris & Roma Get On Board : Paris & Roma
Stock due @ 6th December; Try to create the best metro and bus lines in this flip-and-write game.
Hellton Palace Hellton Palace
Stock due @ 6th December; Place your devilish guests in your hotel rooms and be the last building to collapse.
Moon River Moon River
Stock due @ 6th December; Build your own Kingdomino-like tiles into a cattle ranch.
Next Station: London Next Station: London
Stock due @ 6th December; Draw tube lines to cross the Thames and connect London. 
Sky Team Sky Team
Pilot and co-pilot work together to land planes. 
Turing Machine Turing Machine
Stock due @ 6th December; Crack codes using a real analog computer.