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  New Salem 2nd Edition

New Salem 2nd Edition

Please allow 2-3 days for dispatch.
3-8 players, ages 14+, 30-45+ minutes
by Overworld Games

It is the late 17th Century in the town of Salem, Massachusetts. Witches masquerade as Puritans while they slowly drain the good from the hearts of the townsfolk and replace it with a suffocating evil. You have decided to band together with a few trusted citizens to establish a new town a short distance away called New Salem. Built on a foundation of honesty and compassion for others. You will choose a Constable who will guide you as you each construct buildings that support your businesses of interest. Proceed with caution; if your buildings and actions crate too much despair, the Witch Plague from Salem will befall this new town as well.

Gather Clues - Unearth who among you are Witches and who are Puritans by looking for clues.
Choose Buildings - Choose the buildings you will construct in your district of New Salem to add hope or despair to the town.
Earn Points - Constructing the right buildings will earn you points and completing a set of 3 will earn you extra points!
Trigger Events - Convince the Constable to trigger the event that would be most beneficial to you or your team. Put those Witches on Trial!


Due to the rising tide of witchcraft that is threatening to overtake the burgeoning town of New Salem, the founders have elected a Constable to help mediate the situation. Because it is feared witches may have infiltrated the founding group, the Constable will rotate among them to avoid any witch getting too much power.

The 2nd Edition includes The Constable expansion. The Constable will be in charge of triggering the plentiful array of new events that have become available, such as Seance, Purge, and Hysteria. There will be a random assortment of 7 events (from a pool of 25+ events) in each game to create a different witch hunt each time.

The Gloom and Law buildings have been replaced with new sets that add or remove Despair with each building, but have an end game effect of adding or removing a lot more if you collect the set of 3.

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