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  Next War : Taiwan

Next War : Taiwan

Over sixty years later, and the divisions still run deeper than the straits which separate the Republic of China from the People's Republic of China. Once again, a historically, ethnically, and culturally homogeneous people separated by politics and economics hurl men, weapons, and material into the maelstrom of modern combat in an attempt to settle their bitter division once and for all.

Next War: Taiwan, the next volume in GMT's series of Next War games and the follow-on to Next War: Korea, allows players to fight a near future war in and around the island of Taiwan. In this sequel, the communist state of China, the PRC, has decided that its time to end the rhetoric and posturing and bring the breakaway republic back into the Socialist Harmonious Society.

Due to the nature of the "terrain" surrounding Taiwan, the game features an expanded, yet still abstracted and playable, naval system including submarine threats, ASW, mine warfare, and anti-naval strikes. In addition, rules exist for combining Next War: Taiwan with Next War: Korea to simulate an expanded conflict.

Note: the Next War series is not an Introductory wargame. Rather, we have intended herein to create a system (and a series) that will allow detailed study of modern warfare in various venues as well as engaging gameplay. That said, the Standard Game rules encompass a fairly straightforward ruleset that will, we think, be considered pretty "easy to learn" by experienced wargamers. So players who choose to play Standard Game scenarios can have a relatively quick game when that's what suits them. The real flavor of a war in the theatre, though, comes through in the Advanced Game, where you get much more control over airpower and can more clearly see each side's strengths and weaknesses. For players who want a "mini-monster game" experience, playing the Advanced Game Campaign Scenarios with some or all of the optional rules will definitely "deliver."

Ownership of Next War: Korea is NOT required to play Next War: Taiwan.

In Next War: Taiwan, the Taiwan Straits are on fire with the Goliath of the PRC arrayed against the David of the ROC. Can you, as the People's Liberation Army/Naval commander, conquer the separatist rebels in four weeks before the full might of the U.S. can be brought to bear? Can you, as the Republic of China's Army commander, hold out against the renewed Communist assault until help arrives? And what will happen in Korea while all this is going on? There’s only one way to find out...

TIME SCALE 3.5 days per turn
MAP SCALE 7.5 miles per hex
UNIT SCALE Brigade / Regiment / Battalion

  • One 22"x34" map
  • Three counter sheets (684 counters)
  • One Standard & Advanced Rulebook
  • One Game Specific Rulebook
  • One 11"x17" Naval Display
  • One 11"x17" Air Superiority Display
  • Several full-color Player Aid Cards

Players: 2
Playtime: 120 - 480 Minutes
Ages: 12 +
Published by: GMT Games


RRP: £78.99
Our Price: £67.99
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