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  Onus! Greeks and Persians

Onus! Greeks and Persians

This expansion to Onus! Romans vs  Carthage adds historical battles related to the Persian wars (499 – 449 BC), to the Persians vs Greeks wars and to the Peloponnesus war (1st period: 431 – 421 BC) between Athens and Sparta.
There are 90 unit cards (24 different) belonging to Athens, Sparta, Persia and other Greek poleis and mercenaries: 
- Persia: Melophores guard, Sparabaras archers, Takabara mercenaries, Archers with shields, Sicklers, Usubari Dromedaries, Asabari Cavalry, Pasti Infantry and Persian War Chariots (stretch goal). 
- Sparta: Hippeis Cavalry (stretch goal), Spartan Hoplites, Helots infantry, Helots slingers and Spartan Cavalry.
- Athens: Hoplites, hoplites attendants, Scythian Archers, Athenian Cavalry and Peltasts (stretch goal).
- Greek mercenaries or allies: Peripolos, Toxotes Archers, Thorakitai, Theban sacred battalion (stretch goal) and Boeotian Hoplites.

Our Price: £17.99
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