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Pack O Games #15: Sow
Pack O Games #15: Sow

Pack O Games #15: Sow

2-4 players, ages 10+, 20+ minutes
by Perplext

SOW is a challenging gardening game in which players redistribute seeds and flowers in the garden in order to pick the bouquet that will reward the most points at the end of the game. Each turn, a player must redistribute a row in the garden, then takes any applicable actions. If the last card placed was a Seeds Card, it must be flipped over (and all other matching Seeds of that color) to become a Flower. Flowers reward points when collected from a player’s Wheelbarrow. There are 2 Garden Action Cards that may also allow extra actions, if placed in the same row, on the same turn. Garden Actions will allow a Gardener to change the windmill direction (which changes the card redistribution in future turns), or it may allow a player to discard all flowers of a certain type (Gopher) or collect a flower in their wheel barrow (watering can). In the end, the players show their “favorite color” and are rewarded points for flowers.

Each player calculates their score as follows:
3 points for each flower with his Favorite Color in the Center portion. 
2 points for each flower with his Favorite Color on the Outer portion.
1 point for each flower WITHOUT his Favorite Color.

From The Box: Each player must use the rhythm of nature to plant seeds and grow flowers in order to collect the most beautiful bouquet. Earn the most points to win this Mancala-inspired gardening game for 2 to 4 green thumbs.

Number 15 in the Pack O Game series.

About Pack O Games
Pack O Game™ is a unique, numbered series of insanely small, micro card games containing 30 cards (3" x 1") and a 1-page rule sheet.  Each game comes in a gum-sized tuckbox for easy portability and is packed with strategy games in a variety of mechanics, complexity and theme.

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