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  Poketto Collection (Starforge; The Blessed Dark; Castle Siege)

Poketto Collection (Starforge; The Blessed Dark; Castle Siege)


by Poketto

Starforge (2 players; ages 12+, 15-20+ minutes)

The Blessed Dark (2-4 players, ages 13+, 15-30+ minutes)

Castle Siege (1-2 players; ages 10+, 5-10+ minutes)


In Starforge, each player starts with an asymmetrical faction of constructible ships made from custom acrylic game pieces. In the center of the table is a row location cards that can be conquered and mined for resources. Through their choice of tactics, and how they build their ships, the players can battle and outwit their opponent achieving victory by command points, resource capture or enemy destruction.

Starforge is a PART-BUILDER game, where what you choose to build affects how the game unfolds.


The dark is calling...

Gather blood, complete rituals, cast spells, and summon demons in a bid to gain the favor of the ancient ones. Will you become the chosen?

The Blessed Dark is a cult-themed mint-tin card and dice game for 2-4 players. It features a mix of push your luck and light take that elements. Players work to build out a Grimoire of spells, gather the blood resources to power them, and conduct rituals (rolling the dice) to see what primordial energies that can harness to summon demons or trigger spells.

This pocket-sized game fits in a custom black Altoids-size mint tin and includes folded instructions, 3 ritual dice, 32 mini-size cards, and 20 blood tokens (8mm red plastic cubes).


Castle Siege is a 1-2 player handheld play tower defense card game. In it, each player arranges their entire castle between the fingers of one hand, beginning with just the castle keep. From their, player play cards to add towers, or to attack their opponents castle with archers, battering rams, explosives, and trolls. Play proceeds with towers and attackers taking damage until one player's keep is destroyed.

In solo mode, players lay out their keep and two towers on the table to build a castle. Archer cards make up the active defenses, and attacking cards are drawn from the enemy deck. Their attacks are launched on your towers, your archers and then your keep unless you can successfully fend them all off with your archers.

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