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Postcard Games (Set of 4)
Postcard Games (Set of 4) Postcard Games (Set of 4) Postcard Games (Set of 4)

Postcard Games (Set of 4)

A set of four postcard games by Brouhaha Games

Each postcard is a complete game (dice and tokens not included).

  • Miseries of the Night - A solo role and write about saving the dreamscape.
  • Treasures of Microlandia - A 2 player deduction game about finding hidden treasure.
  • Cyberwolves - A 2-9 player role playing game about being cybernetic wolves.
  • Joust a Flesh Wound - A 2 player bluffing game about choosing the perfect lance.

Miseries of the Night

1 Player, Ages 8+, 10-20+ minutes

"Miseries are set to invade the Waking World. You must stop them before they consume the night".

Miseries of the Night is a one player roll & write game about slaying unseen terrors in the night. Each turn, the player rolls dice to determine the number and location of new Miseries. The player then navigates around the board, trying to put down Miseries before new ones rise up. Players use dice rolls, tactics, and special abilities in battle to stem the inevitable tide of darkness.

Treasures of Microlandia

2 players, ages 8+, 5-10+ minutes

"There has to be some treasure somewhere on this island...right?"

Treasures of Microlandia is a two player deduction game about digging up your rival's treasure before they discover yours! Players begin the game by choosing where to bury their treasure on the map. On your turn, you can either ask a question about where the treasure is located, or you can guess the treasure's exact location. The first player to dig up treasure wins!


​​​​​​​2-7 players, ages 12+, 30+ minutes

"Too advanced for nature, too primitive for society."

Cyberwolves is a 2-7 player micro-game with rpg elements. Players build a cyberwolf with strengths and weakness in order to complete missions such as mysteries, heists, and revolutions. You don't need to survive to win, you just need to complete the mission.

The game consists of three rounds. Each rounds, players must overcome challenges through cooperative dice rolls and use if variable player powers. The game ends when the final round is complete, or whenever all players are dead, whichever comes first.

Joust a Flesh Wound

2 players, ages 8+, 1-5+ minutes

"Its called a lance, duh."

Joust a Flesh Wound is a two player dueling game about choosing the best lance and the best timing. Each player simultaneously reveals their choices. Choose correctly and score damage! The first player to unseat the other player wins!

Each round consists of three phases, with the attacker and defender taking turns:
1. Choose a lance in secret
2. Choose a power in secret
3. Joust by comparing power

When a player loses a round three times, they are unhorsed and lose the game.

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