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Qwirkle Collector's Edition
Qwirkle Collector's Edition

Qwirkle Collector's Edition

2-4 players, ages 6+, 45+ minutes
by MindWare

Obsessed with Qwirkle? Us too! This sleek collector’s edition is everything you love about the original 4 million selling game – now in a tin! With new tiles, four wooden racks and a scoring pad and pencil, the fun never stops!

What’s in the box?

  • 108 acrylic tiles
  • A drawbag
  • One scoring pad
  • One pencil
  • Four wooden tile racks

How to play:

Each player on their turn completes three actions:

  1. Place tiles
    Players can play one or more tiles as long as they are the same colour or the same shape and positioned in the same line.
  2. Calculate your score
    One point is scored for each tile in a line that a player creates or adds to. If a player completes a line of 6 colours or shapes they get a Qwirkle – scoring 12 points.
  3. Draw tiles

Players must always have 6 tiles on their rack.

If there are no more tiles to take from the bag, play continues and the first player to run out of tiles scores six bonus points and ends the game.

Highest score wins!


 Qwirkle encourages problem-solving, strategy and family fun!

RRP: £44.99

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