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Recent Releases - 11th May 2020

Bloom Bloom
Flowers are power in the freshly-picked dice game Bloom!
Dragon's Cave Dragon's Cave
Bluff your way through Dragon's Cave to strike it rich!
Dragonrealm Dragonrealm
Pack your lucky socks and get ready for an adventure exploring Dragonrealm!
Hi Lo Flip Hi Lo Flip
In Hi Lo Flip, you want to ditch all the cards in your hand, while also keeping others from playing so that you can collect the discard pile for yourself.
King of Tokyo : Dark (Limited Edition) King of Tokyo : Dark (Limited Edition)
King of Tokyo: Dark Edition is a collector's edition of King of Tokyo, with the fight taking place in an alternative and darker world in which the struggle for control of Tokyo has never been so fierce...and wicked!
MetroX MetroX
In MetroX, players create subway networks by filling in the station spaces on their individual game sheets. U
Ninja Night Ninja Night
In Ninja Night, we are in Japan in 1444 in the Region of Iga. You are ninja apprentices, and your senseï has sent you raiding an enemy village to honor your clan. You must complete several missions to do so.
Save the Dragon Save the Dragon
Climb the big staircase of the dungeon to save this poor dragon!
Talisman: Batman (Super-Villains Edition) Talisman: Batman (Super-Villains Edition)
Talisman: Batman – Super-Villains Edition allows players to take on the role of Gotham City's notorious evil-doers, sneaking and fighting their way through Arkham Asylum to subdue Batman and release its dangerous inmates.
The Mind Extreme The Mind Extreme
The Mind Extreme offers a more complex challenge as now instead of a deck of cards from 1-100, you have two decks each numbered 1-50, and two discard piles - one ascending, the other descending...
Uxmal Uxmal
The priests of an ancient city have agreed to honor their idols by building the Uxmal Pyramid.
Valentine's Day Valentine's Day
Set your heart on a player of your choice and offer them a rose. Will they accept? Create bouquets of roses in Valentine's Day to win points.
Wembley Wembley
The classic football game, first published in 1952. Can you guide your team to the FA Cup Final?