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Rockys' Top Ten

I have a varied taste in games, but one thing I do love is theme, I can dive right into a average game and get maximum enjoyment out of it as long as I can live it as I play. I can also dislike a perfectly good game if I just don't get it. My mantra for games is simple, play to enjoy, enjoy playing. This are my top ten games (at the moment!) in no particular order.
6 Nimmit
Chaos and mayhem in one game, forget tactics, forget strategy, just bring your fun loving side to this game. One of the best ever end of night games ever produced, and not bad at other times either!
Arkham Horror
One of the few co-op games I'm always happy to play, with the right group this becomes its own story and you can soon lose 3 hours without missing a moment. Also one of the few games I'm happy to play solo.
Dominant Species
Once you have conquered the dominant rule then this becomes a wonderfully easy game with a multitude of choices. Each species has its own specials making this one of the few games I'm happy to play with a full quota of six, and can re-play any number of times.
Dungeon Lords
My favourite worker placement, I used to play the video game and this tops that in that I'm now trying to out-do opponents and grab what I can before I have to pay my taxes or monsters again. Then I'm also maybe trying to be the third meanest so I can take the weak warrior! Oh it's tough being a Dungeon Lord, but oh so much fun too!
Galaxy Trucker
I have never laughed to much in losing a game as I have while playing Galaxy Trucker, if ever a game portrayed the saying 'It's not the winning, but the taking part' then this is it. In fact sometimes it's a disappointment when I arrive at the space dock without losing half my ship. My only complaint is that I can't play this enough!
If you like dice then you'll love Kingsburg, but it's not all as simple as that, there are in fact a great number of choices you have to make through the game. This is definitely one game that I will always play with the expansion. Top semi-gateway game for all ages.
Merchants & Marauders
Simply the best pirate game around, it's not all about being a pirate, but I just can't help myself most of the time. I would suggest you conquer the battles before going head on in, but once that's done, it's all aboard for a great evening on the Caribbean sea!
Through the Ages
For a heavier longer session, this one fits the bill and ticks all the right boxes, it's not all about military, and development is based on so many factors that you always have to have your eye on the long game.
Tammany Hall
Another 'social' negotiation game, this time with voting and more area control, the only game in my top ten that I don't actually own, which tells you just how good I think it is. My only minor concern is the catch up mechanism, but other than that I can't think of many better ways of spending a few hours.
Turf Master
I'm a great fan of racing games, but this one takes all the prizes, it has a beautiful board, wonderful horses and such elegant play that I could play again and again. With the cards mixed with the dice and the handicap system you have to time your run to perfection to take the prize and also the constrains over lane changes make this my all time favourite game ever! Now come on BLUE you donkey!!!

6 Nimmt! 6 Nimmt!
A simple and addictive card game for 2 -10 players.
Dominant Species Dominant Species
From awarding winning war game designer Chad Jensen, 'Dominant Species' sets players against each playing a species trying to evolve and prosper before the Ice age comes.
Dominant Species : Marine Dominant Species : Marine
From awarding winning war game designer Chad Jensen, 'Dominant Species' sets players against each playing a species trying to evolve and prosper before the Ice age comes.
Dungeon Lords Dungeon Lords
Vlaada Chvatil's 2009 Essen release takes the PC game 'Dungeon Keeper' as it's inspiration and the result is a fantastic game.
Galaxy Trucker Galaxy Trucker
Your intergalactic rig is blowing smoke, the space pirates are on your tail and your engine's just about to fall off. You might be regretting building your space ship without shields, still the cargo's got to delivered. Who said the future would be any easier than the past?
Galaxy Trucker : Keep on Trucking Expansion Galaxy Trucker : Keep on Trucking Expansion
Keep on trucking with this new expansion for the relaunched version of Galaxy Trucker.
Kingsburg Second Edition Kingsburg Second Edition
 Influence members of the King's court to grow your province and prepare for battle.
Merchants and Marauders Merchants and Marauders
Pirates, trading and the Caribbean - The perfect evening in!
Tammany Hall Tammany Hall
A bye word for corruption and political hoopla, Tammany Hall has players competing to become Mayor of New York.