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  Roll for It! : Purple Edition

Roll for It! : Purple Edition

Available to pre-order, expected in store, Tuesday 25th March.
Each player takes all 6 dice of one colour.
Shuffle the ROLL FOR IT! cards and deal 3 face-up in the middle of the table.
All players roll one die -- high roll goes first.
Roll any of your dice that aren’t already placed on cards.

Match your results to the 3 face-up cards and place matching dice on the cards. Everyone can place their dice on any card, even if other players have dice on the cards. Once a die is placed, you can’t move it between cards!
Play passes to the next player clockwise.
At the start of your turn, before rolling dice, you may take back all of your dice from the cards and then your turn as usual, rolling all 6 dice.
If you match every dice face shown on a card with dice of your color, take the card and place it in front of you. You get points as shown on the bottom of the card. Any dice on the scored card go back to their owners and can be used next turn. If you take and score a card, deal the next card from the ROLL FOR IT! pile to replace it.
The winner is the first player to reach 40 or more points!
With lightning-fast gameplay, virtually no downtime, and simple rules, ROLL FOR IT! is a game for everyone!
Players: 2 -4 (or up to 8 with the Red and Purple sets combined)
Playtime: 30 Minutes
Ages: 8 +

RRP: £11.99
Our Price: £9.99
We will next be posting orders out Monday 29th December

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