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Samurai Sword : Rising Sun
Samurai Sword : Rising Sun

Samurai Sword : Rising Sun

Among flowers, the cherry blossom; among men, the samurai (Japanese proverb).
In the land of the Rising Sun, faithful Samurai protect the Shogun—their commander and
lord. Cunning Ninja try to undermine the Empire, by fair means or foul. The katana blade
sparkles on the battlefield as a lonely Ronin prepares for the struggle, plotting his revenge.
Can you find your enemies while honouring the way of the warrior?
CONTENTS : 110 cards,  7 Role cards (1 Shogun, 2 Samurai, 3 Ninja, 1 Ronin),  12 Character cards, 90 playing cards, (32 Weapons (red corners); 15 Properties (blue corners); 43 Actions (yellow corners), 1 summary card with a scoring overview, 30 Honour Points, 36 Resilience Points, these rules.
Players are divided into three (secret) teams:
The Shogun and Samurai team (the number of Samurai depends on the number of players); The Ninjas (2 or 3 according to the number of players); The Ronin, who always plays for himself.
For each team, the aim of the game is to gather the most Honour Points or to have the last man standing.
Players: 3 - 8
Playtime: 30 Minutes
Ages: 8 +
Published by: Abacus Spiele / dV Giochi / Edge Entertainment / Hobby Japan

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Our Price: £9.99
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