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Space Vermin From Beyond!
Space Vermin From Beyond!

Space Vermin From Beyond!

1-2 players, age 12+, 60-120+ minutes
by Tiny Battle Publishing

"I love this game, as you should if you had more than half a brain." - Albert Einstein

Space Vermin From Beyond! is a solitaire game (with two player action… uh, option) depicting the battles between the crack 124th Galactic Marine Raider Battalion (known as the “Old Reprobates”) and a swarm of alien parasites called Vermites (derogatively referred to as “Space Vermin” by the Marines). Space Vermin From Beyond! takes place on Beyond III, a planet known for its frogs, bogs and fogs.

Easy, fast and rated PG-12, Space Vermin From Beyond! is the second game in Hermann Luttmann’s extraterrestri-awesome Invaders from Dimension X! universe. Space Vermin From Beyond! equips you with; one map sheet (with two separate 12.5” x 18.5” color maps printed front and back), eighty-eight kick-a$$ counters, 2 separate Player’s Aid cards and a 16 page booklet, including 12 pages of rules, two Battle scenarios and one Campaign scenario. It uses a chit pull system to generate Random Events and regulate the direction of the Vermite horde. This randomness enhance the alien theme and culture-shock for us Earthlings!

Battling these nasty varmints on Beyond III may take up to 2 hours (depending on the scenario chosen). But there ain’t no “high-noon” in space, so you take your dang time. Bring a few D6, your spine, brains and guts to defeat these vile space insects and save the defenseless population of Beyond III from total extinction!

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