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  Squadron Strike : Romance of the Seven Realms

Squadron Strike : Romance of the Seven Realms

Squadron Strike Setting

by Ad Astra Games

Any Ship, Any Universe, Fully 3D!

The Lucasian Cluster balances on the knife edge of war. The Fisher Queen tries to rally the Seven Realms before the YENSIDI HEGEMONY grows too strong to resist.

Throwing the Hegemonic forces off her trail are the brave Knights Orbitale, piloting heirloom fighters from a bygone age, striking where the Hegemonic forces are weakest, moving on before reprisals target the innocent.

The Dark Lady K’thleen marshals her most feared lieutenants in a hunt from star to star for the Fisher Queen, leading fighter patrols beyond counting.

Numbers alone are no match for chivalry, or the mystical powers of “Élan”....

This product has box miniatures for space fighters, special rules for tailing in combat, Knightly Orders, and Élan powers. In addition to the Squadron Strike material, it also has a semi-cooperative game about the Fisher Queen’s campaign against the Hegemony!

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