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  Squadron Strike! Traveller Deluxe Edition

Squadron Strike! Traveller Deluxe Edition

2 players, 120+ minutes

by Ad Astra Games

The Traveller Universe Gains New Depth!

The battles of the Frontier Wars come to their full tactical glory in Squadron Strike: Traveller. Working from Traveller Universe, we've taken the award winning 3-D movement system of Squadron Strike and converted fifteen of the most iconic Traveller warships to that game system!

Fly Traveller space combat in full 3D, lining up devastating spinal mounted Meson Guns and Particle Beams! See shoals of missiles batter the enemies of the Third Imperium, or take the side of the mysterious Zhodani Consulates with their psionically enhanced forces!

This product also includes a step-by-step tutorial for teaching yourself Squadron Strike, and teaching the game to your friends.

This is the boxed set edition of this product, and includes everything normally included in ADA 17000, Squadron Strike, except that it replaces the cover sleeve, countersheets, setting materials and ship cards. If you already own Squadron Strike, see ADA 15001, which has the Traveller material as a stand-alone supplement.

This is the Deluxe Edition. The rulebook is printed in full color, it is otherwise identical to the Standard Edition.

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