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  Steam : Alabama Railways & Antebellum Louisiana & Four Corners

Steam : Alabama Railways & Antebellum Louisiana & Four Corners

From the Publisher's website:-

Alabama Railways, Antebellum Louisiana & Four Corners
Immediately preceding the civil war, the South was drastically expanding railroads across the United State. This set of expansions focuses on this time and provides compelling changes to the Steam and Age of Steam mechanics. Each map contains rules for playing with either Steam or Age of Steam (download them

Four Corners
This 3-5 player Steam and Age of Steam expansion focuses on the four corners region of the United States (where Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico are all joined today). This map contains the following special features:

Distinct "corners": Each corner of the map specializes in a certain type of good.

Bonus for sets of 4: As goods are delivered, the cubes are kept by the players who deliver them. Turning in a set of four unique cube colors results in an immediate bonus, adding an extra layer of strategy and tension..

Players: 3-5

Optimal Number of Players: 4

Alabama Railways
This 2 player Steam and Age of Steam expansion requires that players invest in developing railways to reach across the state of Alabama, a poor state at the time with limited resources. This map contains the following special features:

Rural income: Because the rural towns in Alabama have little disposable income, all deliveries are worth less than they would be in a more prosperous area of the country. This provides an additional level of challenge for both players.

Limited Goods: Only three colors of goods are available for delivery, allowing for players to focus more on strategic planning as they build their rail network.

Central city distribution: The cities on the main north/south run of Alabama produce goods only; no goods can be delivered to those cities.

Players: 2

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