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  Tanto Cuore : Romantic Vacation

Tanto Cuore : Romantic Vacation

From the publishers website:
We are Japanime Games. We've brought you the Tanto Cuore series and the Lupin the Third board game; we also have a new deck building game arriving soon called Kanzume Goddess. Now we would like to revisit one of our favorite titles. We want to translate the third game in the Tanto Cuore series,Tanto Cuore: Romantic Vacation, into English as we have done for the previous two games in the series: Tanto Cuore and Expanding the House. This game is a stand-alone game like the last two, but can also be combined with the previous games to have a wide variety of card choices.
We need your help to make that happen! We'd like to start translation of the game soon so that we can get the game into your hands as quickly as possible. It's our goal to have the game ready to ship to you in January of 2013. With your help, we can bring the maids to a wider audience!
Tanto Cuore is a deck building card game for 2–4 players. It can be played separately or used together with the Tanto Cuore, Tanto Cuore Expansion or both. 
The players take the roles of ”masters of house”, who have moved out from their mansions to a summer vacation on a southern island. Even here, they employ a lot of cute maids, are served by them while slowly filling out their house (card deck). 
When the game ends, the player who has most victory point (VP) gaining maids and (introduced in this set) recollection cards is the ”perfect master” and the winner of the game.

RRP: £49.99
Our Price: £41.49
We will next be posting orders out Monday 29th December

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