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  The Broken Token Spirit Island Organizer

The Broken Token Spirit Island Organizer

Invaders from beyond the known sea have upset the natural balance of your once peaceful island. Restore that balance with the official Spirit Island Organizer from The Broken Token for Spirit Island by Greater Than Games. 

The untamed wilds find their home among 25 removable trays holding the content from the Spirit Island base game, the Branch and Claw expansion, the Jagged Earth expansion, and the Spirit promo packs 1 and 2. 

The Island Boards Tray holds all the modular island boards, as well as houses six individual player trays for each color of player tokens. 

The ready-to-play Fear Tray is set directly on the Invader Board as part of setup, and can be rotated to easily reset the fear pool when acquiring fear cards and raising the terror among the invaders.

The Scenario Tray holds the large adversary and scenario panels, as well as the adversary reminder tiles and scenario markers.

There are four card trays, one each for Fear, Event, and Blight card decks and a double card tray for the Minor and Major Power card decks.

There are two each of the Dahan, Invader, and Energy marker trays; one for each side of the game table, good for larger groups. 

One more card tray holds the unique powers for each Spirit, with the dividers to organize the cards by Spirit complexity or expansion.

The Spirit Boards Tray holds the Spirit boards, as well as the rules reference cards, reminder cards, and Invader cards. 

The last four trays round out the organizer storing the beasts, wilds, disease, strife, badlands, and blight tokens in pairs, and the Element Tray holds the 8 different element markers.

This organizer can be configured in a single box with significant lid lift, or can be split between the original Spirit Island box and the Jagged Earth expansion box, with no lift on either. Or you can upgrade your game further with the Spirit Island crate upgrade.

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