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  The Kaiser's Pirates

The Kaiser's Pirates

From the publisher's website:-

THE KAISERS PIRATES™ is a fast-paced card game of gripping adventure on the high seas set during World War One. Players control some of Kaiser Wilhelm’s ace German converted commerce-raiders and light cruisers. Air patrols were in their infancy and it was still easy to disappear into the vast expanses of the high seas only to re-emerge on another key sea lane. Players use their raiders in the traditions of the privateers and pirates of old to sink or capture as many Allied and neutral merchantmen as possible. Danger lurks everywhere but, in a desperate pinch, these ships can shoot it out with the British hunters.

In its unique game play system each player commands both the German and British Forces as they scourer the sea-lanes in search of their next merchant prize. No opponent available or just looking to sharpen game-play strategies? THE KAISERS PIRATES™ solitaire game system has everything needed.


  • One 20-Card German Raider/Warship Deck: Historic German commerce raiders
  • One 60-Card Merchantman Deck: Historic victims of the German raiders
  • One 100-Card Action Deck: The cards used in attacking and defending the ship cards. GMT Games release includes the expansion cards
  • One 20-Card Solitaire Action Deck: The cards used when playing the game solitaire
  • Eight dice, 2 x 4/8-sided, 2 x 6-sided, 2 x 8-sided and 2 x 10-sided, along with 16 wooden markers
  • Action Card summary foldout
  • The Complete Rules of Play. Comprehensive, all in color and profusely illustrated

Players: 1 - 4
Playtime: 90 Minutes
Ages: 9 +
Published by: GMT Games


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Our Price: £33.99
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