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  The Unspeakable Oath #25 (Special Offer)

The Unspeakable Oath #25 (Special Offer)

Call of Cthulhu Magazine

by Arc Dream Publishing

Not Dead—Lurking

With strange aeons, even death may die. But The Unspeakable Oath never will. This 25th issue brings you artifacts, tomes, and scenario seeds for Call of Cthulhu...four Delta Green scenarios (three short and sharp, one sprawling and lurid)...Delta Green features on privacy (or the lack thereof) and tactics for agents...and gripping explorations of the webs of Atlach-Nacha. We are positively bloated with excitement for our return!

TUO 25 includes:

  • The Dread Page of Azathoth, an editor’s column by Shane Ivey
  • Mark of the Beast, a Directive from A-Cell by Adam Scott Glancy
  • Guardian Statues of Kom Dakka, an Arcane Artifact by Darren T. Priddy
  • The Deadly Claws of the Yellow Emperor, a Mysterious Manuscript by Colin Thompson
  • The Votiron, a Mysterious Manuscript by Aaron Vanek
  • Broken Love, a Tale of Terror by Chris Huth
  • Die Nachtbruder, a Delta Green scenario by Chris Huth
  • Operation Stop Repo, a Delta Green scenario by Kevin Ham
  • Polybius, a Delta Green scenario by Viktor Eikman
  • Secondary Infections, a Delta Green scenario by Pat Harrigan
  • The Third-Man Factor, a Delta Green scenario by William Schar
  • Armed at the Opera, a Delta Green tactical feature by Hans-Christian Vortisch
  • The Spawn of Tlecha-Naka, a Delta Green threat by Dennis Detwiller
  • The Worship of Atlach-Nacha, a Call of Cthulhu feature by Steven Kaye and Daniel Harms

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