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The world of Arkham Horror

Based on H.P. Lovecrafts Massachusetts town of Arkham in 1926, Arkham Horror started life as a roll-and-move game back in 1987, the aim of the game was simple, stop the Ancient One from taking over the World. The game was met with great acclaim and won the 1987 "Best Fantasy or Science Fiction Board Game of the Year". In 2005 it underwent a complete overhaul and the roll-and-move was replaced and also added was a chance to fight the Ancient One if he woke from his slumber, no longer was it a case of certain defeat, just a very likely one!

Arkham Horror is a fully co-operative game where all the players win or lose together and they play against the game itself, it drips with theme and is best played by people who can immerse themselves into the story. All the expansions add more cards, more choices and more monsters to the frey and it's a constant battle with the powers of evil to win the game, but the satifaction level when you do achieve this is great.

The game was streamlined and released as "Elder Sign", which is much simplier to play and a lot quicker too. Arkham has now also gone global with the release of "Eldritch Horror" which sends the investigators all over the planet in their attempts to save the planet.

Which ever one you choose to play, you will be certainly in for a complete experience and lots of fun too.

Elder Sign : Unseen Forces Elder Sign : Unseen Forces
The first expansion for Elder sign, includes new ancient beings, investigators and monsters.
Eldritch Horror Eldritch Horror
Horror is no longer confined to Arkham, it's now gone global! Take control of 1 of 12 unique characters and go globe trotting while attempting to steer clear of ancient ones, dark packs and crime syndicates! See and save the world in one game!
Eldritch Horror : Under the Pyramids Eldritch Horror : Under the Pyramids
Ancient secrets, sandblasted ruins, and unprecedented horrors await inĀ Under the Pyramids! This side board expansion opens up six new locations throughout Egypt, including bustling Cairo, ancient Tel El-Amarna, and the shining, snaking, Nile River.