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  Tri-Game Update Kit Imperial Struggle/Versailles/All Bridges Burning

Tri-Game Update Kit Imperial Struggle/Versailles/All Bridges Burning

Please note this will be sent free of charge if ordered with another item. Orders for the pack by itself will be charged postage and a packing surcharge.

Update Kits/Errata for Imperial Struggle, Versailles and All Bridges Burning

Most errata can be corrected with on-line downloads or wait for the next printing. With playing cards, however, the best solution is to reprint the card. Three recent games have playing card errata, and some other errata issues as well. We are going to offer a free update kit to correct the issues, where each ziplock kit contains corrected components for all three games:

Playing Cards:

• Imperial Struggle 8 cards

• Versailles 1919 7 cards

• All Bridges Burning 4 cards

Map Patches:

• Imperial Struggle 2

• All Bridges Burning 2

Imperial Struggle Counters 2

Imperial Struggle Player Aid Cards

• Two (identical) Main Player Aid cards

• One War of the Spanish Succession / Seven Years’ War Display

• One War of the Austrian Succession / American War of Independence Display

All Bridges Burning Playing Cards

• Two (identical) Player Aid Cards

We will next be posting orders out Monday 29th December

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