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  TSWW: Balkan Fury Colonel's Edition

TSWW: Balkan Fury Colonel's Edition

This title is available for Pre Order. We have an expected stock date, but this is liable to change without notice. If you order this game, along with other instock titles, your order will ship when the Pre order games come into stock.

Available to Pre-Order; Estimated Stock Date: Late June 2020;

2 players

by TKC Games / Diffraction Entertainment

This is the ziplock edition, and includes maps, charts, rules, OBs and counters along with two 10-sided dice.
A cut down in terms of general presentation (you still get really lovely maps, and the superb counters that you would in the Balkan Fury boxed editions) version of the Colonel’s Edition of Balkan Fury.

BALKAN FURY is the second game in the TSWW series. Available for immediate shipping in Ziplock direct from DE Ltd. and from our retail partners, Balkan Fury is an exceptionally fun game to play.

Balkan Fury is the all encompassing operational game covering the campaigns in Albania (39), Greece (40 and 41), Yugoslavia (1941), and the Aegean. The game mates with both Blitzkrieg and Mare Nostrum seamlessly to provide coverage of the War in the West from 1939-43…

Balkan Fury includes:

2 TSWW Standard size maps (each about 18″ x 26″) covering the Balkans. On map area includes Albania, Greece, Yugoslavia, plus parts of Italy, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey. Maps are to our latest graphic standards and were updated following the release of Mare Nostrum.

1120 counters on 4 countersheets with the forces that fought in the Balkans, representing Albanian, Italian, Greek, Bulgarian, German, British and Hungarian forces, with 2 in game modules at a 5 day rather than a half month scale to permit a super detailed approach to operations to be shown.

The OBs provide:
1. Grand Campaign
2. Albania 39
3. Operation Marita (the invasion of Yugoslavia and Greece by the Germans)
4. Operation Mercure (Crete 41)
5. 5 Day Variant of Albania 39
6. Taranto (the Fleet Air Arm raid on the Italian Naval Base in 1940)
7. The Battle of Matapan (the massive fleet engagement in the Eastern Mediterranean during 1941)
8. 5 Day Variant of Operation Merkur

These are abridged variants of the rules and charts provided with Blitzkrieg, providing you with all the core rules plus those political and production elements to play the game fully.

We will next be posting orders out Monday 29th December

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