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  TSWW: Day of Infamy Colonel's Edition

TSWW: Day of Infamy Colonel's Edition

This title is available for Pre Order. We have an expected stock date, but this is liable to change without notice. If you order this game, along with other instock titles, your order will ship when the Pre order games come into stock.

Available to Pre-Order; Estimated Stock Date: Late June 2020;

2 players

by TKC Games / Diffraction Entertainment

This edition includes the box or cover, plus all maps, charts, rules, OBs and counters along with two 10-sided dice.

Day of Infamy (DOI) is the TSWW game covering the day that lived in infamy for ever… Pearl Harbor and the first 3 years of the North Pacific and Central Pacific war. With more than 1200 counters, 9 maps (several at 75 mile SSZ scale) and the usual TSWW horde of At Starts (Pearl Harbour, Midway, Operation M (north), the Allied counter offensive in the North Pacific, Guam, etc etc etc) this is the ideal introduction to the blue water naval system that is a core component to the TSWW game system.

With 11 maps both at 15 miles to the hex and our strategic 75 mile scale, 2240 counters and the usual TSWW refinements including multiple modules and scenarios, DOI is the next release in the TSWW Game Pacific series, with massive fleet actions and a very special raid from Shangri La….

Can you find and defeat the Japanese Carriers of Kido Butai, or will Admiral Nagumo evade you and smash Yorktown, Enterprise, and Hornet at Midway?  Can you finish the USN in one fell swoop at Pearl Harbor, or will they rise phoenix like to haunt your forces over the hard fought years to come?

We will next be posting orders out Monday 29th December

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