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Veilwraith: A Veil Odyssey Game
Veilwraith: A Veil Odyssey Game Veilwraith: A Veil Odyssey Game

Veilwraith: A Veil Odyssey Game

1 player, ages 12+, 30-40+ minutes

by Hall or Nothing Productions

Veilwraith: A Veil Odyssey Game – The world has ended in utter torment and you must seek out the five keys and escape through the portal from this dark and sinister, spirit-controlled oblivion. In the base game alone there are 5 scenario vignettes to choose from, or play through as a campaign. Each scenario of this fast-resolving, scintillating card game can trigger a sudden death round if you have not achieved your objectives by the time the ever watchful Archfiend discovers your presence. Every round comprises five phases: Threat, Draw, Play, Spirit and End of Round. Reveal a Threat card and follow the instructions. Then move to the Draw phase and draw a memory card – maybe it will be useful this turn, or should you store it for future use? You have three core actions – Fight, Explore, Influence – that you manipulate and improve to your advantage through the medium of the action abilities themselves, power tokens, and memory cards (maximum of six). In the Play phase you can tilt an action for 1 additional power token and then play a different action; you can also cash in two memories for more power each round if you choose. Spirit points are deducted in the Spirit phase based on the threats that remain on the board. The End of Round phase simply resets the board in readiness for the next round and threat reveal. The game ends if you either win – find the keys, defeat the foes and finally jump through the portal; or lose – Spirit points are depleted, or the Archfiend is revealed before you can escape.

Veilwraith: A Veil Odyssey Game – has beautiful, horror themed artwork that perpetuates the great tension and drama that is associated with Tristan Hall's games. You can combine solo copies of the game to play both cooperatively or competitively with friends. This fact combined with the vast starting combinations means that there is a tonne of replayability with Veilwraith.

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