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  Venezia 2099

Venezia 2099

2-5 players, ages 8+, 60+ minutes
by Piatnik

A sad prophecy for the wonderful city of Venice: the fact that it will be sinking into the sea seems to be inevitable. Venice is a city built on more than 100 islands. The water, however, surrounds the city and when it rises, you will great bodies of water form and the ever-disappearing streets will be impassable. What will the future of Venice hold?

The year is 2099 and Venice is sinking. Players take on the role of art collectors and try to save as many treasures and artworks as possible. Strategic thinking is required to save the masterpieces. Gondolas are used to escape the floodwaters. The players move on floating platforms, wishing to avoid being in the part of town that is sinking...'
The 8 by 8 board depicts Venice. At the start of the game, all land and bridge tiles are randomized in the plastic frame. Each player receives 3 tokens that they place anywhere on the board. All tiles have a value (higher
numbers equating with higher value). Each player is also dealt 5-9 cards and receives 9 coins.

The game ends when all dealt cards have been played. On their turn, players must play their lowest numbered card. The cards are numerical from 3-8.

When playing a card, the tile that has the same number is flipped over to its water side, eventually flipping a tile with a player's token. Players use the two gondola cards, enabling them to rescue their tokens to another tile. The tokens excavate treasures by travelling to a specifically coloured tile and exchanging one coin for the corresponding coloured treasure.

When all cards have been played, there remains part of the map that is not submerged. These remaining tiles are used to calculate the value of the treasures by rarity.

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