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  Werewolves Big Box (Limited Edition)

Werewolves Big Box (Limited Edition)

Please allow 2-3 days for dispatch;

8-50 players, ages 10+, 30-90+ minutes

by Pegasus Spiele

The Werewolves Big Box is a limited edition, that contains the famous Werewolves New Edition and the popular Night Of The Vampires sequel, plus 2 promotional cards. It also comes with a notepad and pencil for the moderator to keep track of all the roles in play. The Werewolves Big Box is a special release for Pegasus Spiele's 30th company anniversary.

In this edition all cards, as well as the box come with a mystic, metallic foil effect, and the box has a reversible cover. The extra-large character cards include a description of the character's ability, which makes the game more accessible for new players.

More about the two games contained in this Big Box: Werewolves is easily one of the most popular party games of all time and the ultimate game for larger groups of all ages. In 2018, Pegasus published a redesigned version of this game, featuring beautiful, atmospheric artwork on large cards that not only tell the players which role they are playing, but also how their role works, so people who have never played the game before don't have to give their secret identity away by asking what they have to do.

Also included in this Big Box is the stand-alone sequel "Werewolves – Night of the Vampires" that Pegasus released in 2022. It can be played on its own with 6 to 24 players or it can be combined with Werewolves to play with up to 48 players.

Due to the 2 promotional cards in this box - the Stray Cat and the Watchdog - you can even play it with up to 50 players.

The proven game principle remains the same: every night Werewolves and/or Vampires secretly devour a human Villager. The following day, all players discuss who among them could be a Vampire or Werewolf – and can lynch the most suspicious person after voting. Slip into the role of one the Villagers and unmask the Werewolves. Or play a Werewolf and convince the Villagers of your innocence while you go hunting at night. And wherever werewolves are up to mischief, vampires are not far away!

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