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  Western Empires

Western Empires

5-9 players, ages 12+, 2-13 hours (depending on scenario or full game)

by 999 Games

(This is a reimplementation of the Civilzation & Mega Civilization games)

Western Empires is a board game bigger than life. Players take a deep dive through history and develop the ancient civilizations that flourished around the Mediterranean Sea. A game of Western Empires can be played with 5-9 players and can last up to 13 hours. Together with the future release of ‘Eastern Empires’ it can be combined to create ‘Mega Empires’, a colossal gaming experience for up to 18 players.

A full game of Western Empires takes up to 13 hours. However, this box also contains a tutorial scenario which lasts around 2 hours and a 6 hour ‘short game’ scenario.

1080 Tokens
462 Large Civilization Advances Cards
224 Small Trade Cards
2 Map boards
3 Additional Boards
9 Player Mats
5 Players Aids
2 Rulebooks
6 Card Trays
Plastic Storage Bags

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