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  Wiz-War : Malefic Curses

Wiz-War : Malefic Curses

From the publishers website:
The duelling had dragged on for days with no conclusion. Only Callista had stolen treasure; no wizards had been dispatched. But on the third day, the combatants felt the labyrinth shift beneath their feet. Someone had entered from the outside world—someone new. “You fight weakly,” a ghoulish voice intoned, echoing through the maze. “You duel like you are afraid to die. I will show you what death means…” The first scream of fear and pain hung in the air like a fully charged spell.
Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Malefic Curses, a new expansion to the wizard duels and magical havoc of Wiz-War! Malefic Curses adds a fifth player to the battle, along with a new sector board and new portals. New schools of magic enter the playing field as well, allowing you to tap the fearful powers of Hexcraft, Necromancy, and Chaos. Hexcraft invites you to etch powerful runes in the paths of the maze, trapping those who dare to cross them. Necromancy offers a host of death-dealing tactics, and the powers of Chaos grow increasingly powerful, although they remain highly unpredictable.
Re-Energize in Unknowable Ways
Malefic Curses adds all new energy to the mixture, increasing the potential for danger and mayhem in the maze. Flash energy can be more powerful than normal energy, but cannot be used to boost speed. Instead, flash energy is only used to advance spell-casting power, increasing the damage capability and longevity of spells old and new.
The other new type of energy introduced in this expansion is random energy, which is even less dependable than flash energy. Granted by the unpredictable powers of the new schools of magic, random energy must be generated by rolling the die, meaning that no one can be certain how much power they have in hand at any given time.
New Schools, New Spells
In Malefic Curses, three new schools of magic are unleashed to run rampant through your hands. The Chaos school of magic brings a flavor of randomness and uncontrollable power to the wizard duels and intense competition already found in Wiz-War. Through channeling the powers of Chaos, you gain access to significant amounts of random energy, in addition to a series of spells that can yield powerful results… if they work as intended. Whether dealing with random teleportation, random shielding, or random damage, the only certainty in Chaos is uncertainty. A wizard may be able to dematerialize and cancel an attack, but no one can tell if they will teleport away from their enemy, or towards him.
The study of Hexcraft allows a wizard to learn and engrave various hexes in the paths of the maze. Whether the hex causes amnesia, pain, or involuntary teleportation, other players are sure to think twice about sending their wizards down a hallway guarded by hexes. Hexcraft also features a wide variety of attacks and counters, including powerful Curses, which continue to afflict a wizard long after they are first cast. Some cards, like Counter Curse, even let you cancel an incoming attack and immediately reply with an attack of your own!

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