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  Wizard Kings: Map Set 3

Wizard Kings: Map Set 3

Wizard Kings Expansion
by Columbia Games

4 Full Color geomorphic maps (each 15 x 11 inches)

Maps 9-12 are compatible with all editions of Wizard Kings.

Note that maps 9-12 all have a single land corner and can be joined into a large continent.

Map 9 features a submerged Sea City. Only aquatic units can occupy this hex, although Flyers can fight there. The Blue Stones henge are nearby.

Map 10 has a Walled City where defending units (only) have +1 Combat (B2=B3). The walled city is the key to this map.

Map 11 features the ancient underground city of Khax. Flyers have -1 Combat (B3=B2) when attacking or defending underground cities. Khax also gives Mountain Folk +1 Combat. The Knowstones henge is isolated on an island amidst the Quick Water.

Map 12 is a vast plain divided by the Elwood Forest and Crimson Bog.

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