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  World at War 85: Storming the Gap Core Rules v2.0

World at War 85: Storming the Gap Core Rules v2.0


by Lock N Load Publishing

It is the summer of 1985 and WORLD WAR III HAS BEGUN...

The World At War 85 series of games (WaW85) are fast-paced, platoon-level simulations of combat during the Third World War. The series’ Action begins in 1985, and brings to life the troops, tanks, artillery, and aircraft of that time period, as conflict erupts around the globe.

RULES INCLUDE: Movement, direct fire, move & direct fire, assault, and onboard indirect fire Actions; terrain, line of sight, and concealment; missile minimum range and ammunition replenishment checks; point-blank and long-range fire; soft, light armor, and heavy armor targets; off-board artillery strikes; ATGM and alternative ammunition support weapons; attack helicopters and helicopter transports; flying, nap-of- earth, hovering and landed helicopter modes; close air support; electronic warfare; improved positions; random and placed minefields; optional random battlefield events and friction; weather, including weather level, squalls and mud; parachute drops; amphibious movement; night combat.

Play one of the many scenarios provided in any Volume of the World At War 85 series, or use the included BATTLE GENERATOR to design your own.

These Core Rules are designed to be used with every game in the series - once learned, you will be able to play any game in the series. Individual game Volumes are each COMPLETE STANDALONE GAMES.

RRP: £41.99

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