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Worthington Publishing

1759: Siege of Quebec 1759: Siege of Quebec
1759: Siege of Quebec is the first Worthington's Great Sieges game series. These games highlight command decisions for players against a solitaire game engine opponent.
Band of Brothers : Battle Pack One Epic Battles Band of Brothers : Battle Pack One Epic Battles
This is a dependent expansion for the Band of Brothers series. It contains a double sided 22"x34" map. Map 27 is of a large hill formation and Map 28 is a winter map with woods and a village.
Band of Brothers : Ghost Panzer 2nd Edition Band of Brothers : Ghost Panzer 2nd Edition
The second in the series of Band of Brothers, this time set on the Russian Front. Follow and create the exploits of the German 11th Panzer Division in Russia during 1941 to 1943. ​
Band Of Brothers : Texas Arrows Band Of Brothers : Texas Arrows
Band of Brothers: Texas Arrows is the third game in the Band of Brothers series of WW2 tactical games
Chancellorsville 1863 Chancellorsville 1863
Available to Pre-Order; Estimated Release Date: Autumn 2020; Chancellorsville 1863 is a card-driven game on the American Civil War Battle of Chancellorsville. Playable by 1 to 2 players in 1 hour, the game comes with a card-driven solitaire engine.
Custer's Last Stand Custer's Last Stand
Custer's Last Stand is our old school war game of two of the most famous battles of the 1876 Sioux Campaign. You get the battles of Rosebud Creek AND the Battle of Little Big Horn.
Devil Dogs: Belleau Wood 1918 Devil Dogs: Belleau Wood 1918
An easy to learn, fast-playing (1-4 hours) card-driven game for two players
Dunkirk: France 1940 Dunkirk: France 1940
Dunkirk: France 1940 is a block wargame designed by Doug Bryant. The game allows you to refight the German invasion of France, and the low countries in May and June of 1940.
Enemies of Rome Enemies of Rome
Each player is a leader of Rome's vaunted legions. The game board portrays Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. The game takes place in Roman history from 300 BC to 300 AD.
Freeman's Farm 1777 Freeman's Farm 1777
Freeman's Farm 1777 is the first in our Battle Formations game series. These games are based on a new game system that has been designed for solitaire and two-player gaming.
Hastings 1066 Hastings 1066
New Release; Stock due Tue/Wed 26/27 March; Saxons vs Normans fight it out in the iconic battle of Hastings.
Holdfast : Eastern Front 1941 - 1945 Holdfast : Eastern Front 1941 - 1945
Now you get the chance to refight the greatest campaign in history as you direct the armies of Germany and Russia from 1941 to the bitter end of World War II. Using blocks with labels as the military units you will maneuver your forces to best destroy those of the enemy.
Holdfast : Korea 1950-1951 Holdfast : Korea 1950-1951
The game uses simple mechanics with a highly interactive turn sequence that keeps gamers engaged for a fast, fun, and furious 2 to 2.5 hours of play.
Holdfast : Pacific Holdfast : Pacific
HoldFast Pacific has the empire of Japan attempt to control the vast Pacific Ocean.
Holdfast: Atlantic Holdfast: Atlantic
HoldFast Atlantic recreates the ship battles contesting control of the Atlantic Ocean during World War II. The navies of Britain and the United States are challenged to keep sea lanes open for its convoys. German U-Boats prowl these waters and German and Italian battleships and cruisers threaten the sea supply lines of the Allies
Holdfast: Tunisia 1942-43 Holdfast: Tunisia 1942-43
Holdfast Tunisia is a 2 player game that allows players to refight the decisive North African WWII campaign in Tunisia using Worthington Publishings Holdfast gaming system.
Lincoln Lincoln
Lincoln is a fast-paced, light, two-player, card-driven strategy wargame set in the American Civil War that allows you to re-fight the entire American Civil War at a strategic level in under two hours.
Napoleon Returns 1815 Napoleon Returns 1815
NAPOLEON RETURNS 1815 is the first game using Worthigntons action point/battle card system., combining several ideas into one fast playing game of Napoleon's 1815 Waterloo Campaign.
Pemberton and Grant : Vicksburg Campaign of 1863 Pemberton and Grant : Vicksburg Campaign of 1863
A point to point block game that allows gamers to refight the final phase of Grant's 1863 Vicksburg Campaign.
Philadelphia 1777 Philadelphia 1777
Available to Pre-Order; Estimated Release Date: Late Summer 2020; Philadelphia 1777 is a war game about the American Revolutionary War campaign led by British General Howe against the American colonist led by General Washington.
Robin Hood Robin Hood
If you liked Hammer of the Scots and Cowboys, you will love Robin Hood that launches Worthington Publishings new game series 'Legends and Myths'.
Saratoga 1777 Saratoga 1777
The Saratoga 1777 campaign of the American Revolution resulted in a British defeat that was so shocking that it changed the course of the war.
Shiloh 1862 Shiloh 1862
SHILOH 1862 is Volume II in the Civil War Brigade Battle Series from Worthington Publishing. T
Victoria Cross II Victoria Cross II
This is a reprint of Victoria Cross: The Battle of Rorke's Drift with the battles of Isandlwana, Rorkes Drift, included.