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  XenoShyft : Dreadmire

XenoShyft : Dreadmire

You survived the horrors of The Hive — now venture onto the new world of Genesis VII, a lush but deadly marsh-world featuring an entirely new ecosystem of horrors to overcome.
Xenoshyft: Dreadmire, which can be played as a standalone game or mixed with assets from Xenoshyft: Onslaught, brings a new Xenoshyft experience to your tabletop, with eight new Troop Types, twenty new Item Types, and more than forty new and fearsome Enemy Types.
XenoShyft combines classic deck-building and resource management with fast-paced combat and unique "base defense" elements. As the game progresses, each player builds up their deck of Troop, Equipment, and Item cards, which they will in turn use to defend the base against incoming enemies in deadly combat.
Players: 1 - 4
Playtime: 45 + minutes
Ages: 14+      
Published by: Cool Mini or Not

RRP: £59.99
Our Price: £39.99
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